Candyce Golis

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Artist Statement

Biography   Candyce Golis is a self-taught photographer who has been taking photos since 1960, when she received her first camera, a Brownie Starmite.  She currently shoots with a Nikon FM3A, a Leica D-LUX 4, and an iPhone 4S.  She has donated several of her photos to two NYU departments (Sociology and the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis) where they are permanently installed.  She launched her web site, , in 2010.   She groups her photography subjects into three main categories. The first is urban street art, which she finds predominantly in the Manhattan neighborhoods below Houston Street. Second, she is drawn to images of seaside locations, usually in their off seasons. The third category is what she calls contained nature, trees and flowers that are a part of a planned landscape.   Candyce shoots in public places and uses available light.  Her images capture the layers and textures of ephemeral objects, most of which are past their prime.  Candyce's photos reflect her respect for and delight in her subjects' histories, imperfections, and transience.   Her visual inspirations include the work of George Tice, William Christenberry, and most recently Zoe Strauss’s projects.  In Tice’s images of urban and seaside New Jersey she started to see her native state as a rich photographic subject.  Christenberry presented her with powerful visual narratives in his documentation over time of sites familiar to him.  Strauss’s images of the Philadelphia/Camden area are populated with a visual energy free of irony.  In addition to her ongoing Urban Images project (working title: Return to Sender), Candyce’s current projects include New Jersey shore boardwalks and found arrangements in antique stores. She lives in Larchmont, NY where in addition to photography, she knits and works with mixed media collage.

Educational Background

BA Oberlin College -- High Honors in English   MBA Columbia University Business School -- Concentration in Accounting