Kathy Byers

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Phone: 973-635-7088

  • byerskt@optonline.net

Artist Statement

Celebrating ten years as a children's artist, Kathy Byers of Chatham, New Jersey has performed throughout the Northeast including venues such as Musikfest, International Child Art Foundation, Brooklyn Public Libraries, Kidzone TV and the Children's Music Hall of Fame. Byers has donated a track, I Love the Mountainsfrom 'Round the Campfire, along with Raffi, Tom Paxton, Parachute Express, Laurie Berkner, and others to benefit the national non-profit organization, the United Way to be included on the 2008 CD: Journeys to Grow On. Rob Reid, author of Children's Jukebox has featured Kathy Byers in his 2007 and 2008 publications forThe American Library Association. Kathy Byers is the Artist and Repertoire Manager for the Children's Music Hall of Fame pioneered by Bill Shontz whose goal is to preserve and promote quality children's music.

Educational Background