Bryan Kite

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Artist Statement

I am an artist who mainly makes prints, drawings, and paintings. I am originally from the Chicagoland area, which is a nice way of saying the burbs.  My family still lives in the area and so do most of my close friends.  I attended Northern Illinois University where I studied painting and then found my calling in Printmaking where I studied under Michael Barnes. I left Chicago a couple of years later and moved to St. Louis to attend Graduate School at Washington University in St. Louis and had one of the best experiences of my life.   Chicago and its art scene that is heavily illustrative still dictate my artwork.  My work is heavily geared towards the idea of positive and negative forces that are external and internal in all our lives.  I am a wishy washy artist focusing at times on a single symbol that holds its meaning by the reaction we as people give to it, to making pictures that are a combination of many symbols to form a single entity or to merely react with each other.  I listen to my own anxieties and actions, and observe how all things interact with each other.  To put it simply I am a picture maker who reacts to the world.   I graduated in 2005 with my Master of Fine Arts, and found a position at Craven Community College as an art instructor. I found that I loved teaching, but I needed a bit more of an urban area. After a year in Brooklyn I talked my girlfriend Ali into moving back to the suburbs because I like living by a city. I currently live in Sleepy Hollow, NY the famous small town of the Headless Horseman.  It is located just north of New York City and is located next to the Hudson River.

Educational Background

Northern Illinois University Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting 2001   Northern Illinois University Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking 2001   Washington University in St. Louis Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Printmaking 2005