Bryan Greene

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: (914)216-1939


Artist Statement

Representational Statement:

The figurative work of the past year has been portraits of friends and family. The images are not exact replicas but Greene’s personal interpretations of his subjects. The portraits are painted with a camouflage pattern and sculpted with color in application brush stroke by brush stroke. 

Abstract Statement:

In his 2018 works Greene has been experimenting with low viscosity acrylic paint and refillable paint markers with gestural full arm motion and short marks he's creating images based on color and movement theory only with out visual inspiration. 

In previous work Greene created a number of drawings that were hand guided and randomly organic. Elements of abstraction, known for their role in action painting, like the drips, runs, and gravity helped create compositions of abstract form.

Educational Background

Education :

School of Visual Arts ’06 MFA in Computer Arts NYC NY. 

School of Visual Arts ’02 BFA in Fine Arts NYC NY.

Fordham Prep High School ’92 Bronx NY