Brook Packard

category: Actor, Music,

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Artist Statement

Brook Packard has pursued her passion for music and vocal studies at Sarah Lawrence, Westminster Choir College, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, and as faculty at Hoff Barthelson (outreach), The Guitar Workshop, and Concordia Conservatory. And editor and author for Music Sales' instructional books, Brook's credits include back up with Jean Ritchie, collaborating with George Wurzbach & David Buskin for a Christine Lavin tribute; starting the children's record label Lingonberry Music; singing, writing and co-producing the critically acclaimed recordings Sunday Morning Songs and Under a Western Sky, the latter with contributions from Tom Paxton, Larry Campbell, and Robert Mirabal.   Everyone is born with the capacity to make music–it is part of our evolutionary DNA. When we exercise and explore our natural gifts in addition to developing skills, we access joy and build community. Singers, players, composers, storytellers, movers and dancers, producers and impresarios (aka “listeners”) all have important roles in the world of music. It is my objective to empower my students to  investigate their own musicality and vocal technique in ways that are simultaneously informed, grounded in the context of history, theory, and technique; and playful.

Educational Background