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Artist Statement

There is no one kind of beauty. Each woman has her own. Capturing the inner sensuality, my goal is to show each woman her uniqueness, and ultimately to help her accept her body, regardless of the latest criteria of beauty.   The reasons women come to be photographd are as unique as the women themselves. It may be an intention to give a portrait or an album as a gift to a lover of partner, or to create a model portfolio. But ultimately it is a gift of self-esteem, a memoir for future reflection, a true celebration of self.   The session is completely private as well as the image gallery of your portraits. During the shoot I will coach you through beautiful and sexy poses that are tailored to your particular body type, as well as facial expressions and hand movements. I have photographed many incredible and brave women, some in their twenties, others in their fifties, and all ages in between. They've come from all walks of life, travelled for miles for their exclusive and distinctive boudoir photography.   Come to the studio, explore your unique beauty, and celebrate your sensuality!   To schedule your free private consultation please call at (914) 484-8444

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