Bernard Mindich

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Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist living and working in Goldens Bridge, NY. I began my artistic career in the 1970's as a painter and sculptor. Since the mid 1980s, photography has been my dominant form of expression. Working almost exclusively in color, my imagery has evolved in extended thematic series, sometimes documentary in nature and frequently in an abstract or semi-abstract mode, with a painterly style. My initial passion for photography evolved from my early abstract wire mesh and acrylic sculptures, which incorporated projected light and theatrical pedestals and backdrops. The nature of the sculpture prompted me to explore photography to capture the always-changing details of color shadows cast as part of the sculptural presentation. This resulted in a mysterious and sensual photographic series entitled Private Screenings, first exhibited in 1987. Subsequent bodies of work have included, among others: PhotoPoems  (semi-abstract composite images presented as visual poems), The Color of Night (an exploration of the uses and effects of daylight color film in varied exotic night settings), Urban Safari (a study of inanimate animals in diverse urban settings), Transformations andMindbreaths (large scale photo based abstractions inspired by poetry), Interior Motives (a photographic examination of the literal, psychological and metaphorical implications inherent in moody interior spaces and the occasional mystery of some human presence (or absence),  Artists Anonymous (a study of objects, markings and arrangements, found in the environmental landscape that suggest the creation of works of art, though none may have been intended as such and the creators are unknown), Scenic Wonders (an exhaustive study of odd scenes, details and objects found in the rural and urban landscapes of the world which are normally overlooked or ignored or by the passing populations), and The Women in My Life (an exploration of commercial imagery of women found in the urban environment, which, through photographic perspective and  composition, including interactions with real people and surrounding objects and other matter in the environment,  often suggest the existence of an intimate relationship with my chosen subjects). I have recently published two photography books (Interior Motives and Music from Angel Fire).  Several other book projects are currently in preparation. My work has been exhibited extensively in group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States and is included in numerous private and public collections.

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