Siraphat Phaksiri

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Artist Statement

Siraphat Phaksiri Glover is a self taught artist from Thailand who is now living in the US with her husband in the NY area.   Sira holds degrees in Interior Decorating and Hotel Management in her native Thailand.  At home, Sira drew in pencil and ink, and worked cross stitch, but was mainly a self employed chef specializing in Thai desserts.           Now, since moving to the US, she is devoting her talents to her first love: Art.   She is predominantly painting with acrylics on both canvas and boards. While she has produced a number of pieces with floral themes, she has delved deeply into the Abstracts. Her use of vibrant colors and feminine lines imbues her work with liveliness and grace.           She is an artist member of the Katonah Museum of Art and is exploring the area for opportunities to show her work.   We hope you enjoy this preview.                 "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"                              Thomas Merton   Call Us Today! Sira at    914 582 9882   or   [email protected]   [email protected]

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