Barbara Clapman

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Phone: 914 723-5742


Artist Statement

Color and line. From a palette of three pure pigments - magenta, cyan blue and yellow - I can mix a world of hues. White, ochre and occasionally a powerful concentrated red or blue add depth and nuance to my palette. My gestural line has grown from experience in calligraphy, chinese brush painting and batik. Encounter and experiment. After a calming color mix,  I meet my canvas. I stroke, swipe, dab, wipe away - brush, rag, finger, palette knife - until that ineffable moment of completion. Over many years, I have painted  artist models, animals (tigers, lions, elephants), landscapes, flowers, family portraits and an occasional still life. My recent work is abstract. I sometimes reference the world - sketches of spaces between winter tree branches, memories or photos of aerial landscapes (farmland configurations, meandering rivers). More often my brushes, paint and canvas lead me on as I work subconsciously from an evolving  vocabulary of shapes and colors. I hope the viewer, in spending time in front of my paintings, enjoys the journey along with me.

Educational Background

ART TRAINING: SUNY-Purchase: contemporary painting Westchester Art Workshop: painting, design, life drawing, portraiture Other venues: batik, calligraphy, pastel portraiture, Chinese brushpainting