Barbara Blesh Edelmann

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Artist Statement

A Westchester County resident since 1965, Barbara Blesh Edelmann began to paint in acrylics in 1976 as a hobby for ‘rainy days.’  This pastime has grown over the years to where she “just can’t stop painting” no matter the weather, the season or the medium, which now includes watercolor and drawing.  Her works are vibrant and energetic.  Each piece makes use of the whole spectrum of the palette to create floral, stone and sea scapes in all sizes.  Her impressionistic inspirations are drawn upon from photographs, books, catalogues and real life.  She then uses her imagination, love of colors and brushstrokes to create her inner vision, often extending the idea of the image beyond the scope of the canvas for the viewer to imagine the next line and color. Ms Edelmann’s work has received various ribbons throughout the years from Westchester art shows and “Poppies” received First Prize at the Woman’s Club of White Plains Beaux Arts Exhibition.    Ms. Edelmann’s original paintings and giclées are for sale.

Educational Background

Ms. Edelmann received her B.A. in English Literature from Vassar College and subsequently earned an M.S. degree in Speech and Hearing Pathology from Columbia University.