joseph genova

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Artist Statement


            I want my work to have the viewer escape to a serene world of yesterday, a world basked in sunshine, where the weary traveler of life can rest for a few moments. To hold the viewer’s attention even longer, I paint in the “chiaroscuro” method, the use of strong contrasts between light and dark. This was the signature technique of famed Baroque artist Caravaggio, my greatest influence.

            As a self-taught artist, I’ve learned the intricacies of painting through closely observing the masters, through trial and error, and by not following a set of rules.

            My subject matter is mostly of nature and textures. I love textures and patinas, elements you can only find in buildings and objects that have been shaped and transformed by nature over hundreds of years.

            Painting is a difficult art; having my work hold a viewer’s attention even briefly makes it all worth the effort.


Educational Background

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY