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Artist Statement

Our mission is to bring multicultural music and instruments as a  healing tool to children who live in underprivileged areas or who  have suffered from drastic life changing events.  Music and  languages open minds, and sounds heal hearts.  Vibrations, lyrics,  beats and rhythmic patterns all play a role in children growing up  balanced  and open to learning.




Educational Background

Born and raised in France, traveling has always been an important mean of education in my life. It builds up the sense of humanity we are born with and it creates the sense of belonging we all thrive for.

I traveled to Spain, England, Germany and all around France in my childhood, then went on to Poland in 1989 and 1991, and emigrated to the United States in 1994.  Immersed in a new language to work was the first step toward understanding and adapting to a different culture. The second step toward a deeper understanding of cultural differences and similarities among us happened when I took on the position of on-site Director at the orphanage Casa Guatemala, in Río Dulce, Guatemala.  On top of learning a third language, I was challenged to embrace a completely different set of socio-economic situations.  Yet, a very  deep sense of connection to each other as humans with the same core values - trust, love, respect -  allowed all of us to work together.  International volunteers, Guatemalan latino staff, Q'eqchi' (also spelled Kekchi) Mayan staff, American residents from surrounding areas, all of us did it!  Beyond languages, the bridge among us was made of smiles, a lot of listening, respectful observing and MUSIC!  Everywhere, music was the ice-breaker, the door opener, the bonding, the support, the strength, the link.  It was the starting point to start learning each other's language.