Aniko Horvath

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Artist Statement

Aniko Horvath Artist’s Statement I am a first generation American, with a father from Hungary and a mother from the Dominican Republic, my rich cultural background is often an influence in my artwork. From this rich heritage and cultural history I have created an approach to artwork that is unique. My work draws upon my experiences living in New York City, La Vega, Dominican Republic, and my study and travels in Europe. I am influenced by the light, color, texture, and patterns I have visually experienced in these places. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Art History, 1998, and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking, 2007, from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. My work has always centered on the layering of textures, colors, and lines to achieve a full and rich composition. These traditional art elements have been the focus of my work whether I am shooting photos, painting, or creating etchings on copper. I approach my abstract photographs in a painterly way. I work in successive layers of painted light, mounting color and shifting tones; until depth and organized space appear. My love of art is tactile, reflexive, and intuitive; it is a constant exploration of myself and my environment. It is my form of quiet communication with the world I live in.

Educational Background

BFA, Photography and Art History, Pratt Institute, 1998 MFA, Printmaking, Pratt Institute, 2007