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Aurelia Fernández Marure born Alpuyeca daughter of community leaders and Granddaughter of revolution leaders, Aurelia was raised in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico In her youth she has learned traditional paper arts include piátas, flower papermaking, paper mask, large puppet out of paper mache. Aurelia emigrated with her family to the U.S. arriving in Yonkers in 1984 and has been living here ever since. Aurelia's late uncle Don Lazarro Marure started the Mexican Community in South Yonkers and had been bring more activities to the community. Aurelia introduced the first Mexican theater & folklore Performances from Nativity (Posada y Pastorelas) Las Manitas (early mornings Dec12-4:00am) in Saint Peter's Church, Saint Mary's Church in Yonkers, and Manhattan Son Huasteco know for La Bamba, state of Michoacan in Yonkers City Hall, Los Inditos (the Indigenous), Los Chinelos, Los Viejitos (old people dance) Las Huahuas (Quezales), Demonstrations of the Day of the Dead. Aurelia has helped in established the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Untermyer Park in Yonkers. Aurelia explains, It is important for my people to know their customs; it's important to keep the customs, I love everything that is Mexican I try to promote it however I can." Aurelia Fernández Marure has taken on the responsibility of passing these traditions on to her children, grandchildren, and Mexican neighbors throughout the New York Metropolitan area and Westchester County. Aurelia Fernández Marure has been a member of the organizing committee of Alma de Mexico festivals events since 1998 she has been awarded the Distinguished Tradition Bearer Award by the Westchester Arts Council 2001, and has been inducted into City Lore People's Hall of Fame in 2004. Recently she has been the recipient of the 2005 Griffon Award bestowed on her by the Untermyer Performing Arts Council. Aurelia has been interviewed for articles in the New York Times, the Journal News, El Diario la Prensa, Diario de Mexico, El Aguila and appeared in stories on NBC television, Channel 47, and HITN-TV. She has volunteered for programs at Saint Mary's Church, Saint Peter's Church, and Mount Carmel Church in Yonkers, and has been raising the Mexican flag with her late uncle Don Lazarro Marure Husband and close friend in Yonkers City Hall. Parades- Yonkers Puerto Rican Day Parade 1984-2004, Newburgh NY 2004, NYC Halloween Parade 2005, the White Plains Annual Hispanic Parade 2000- present Workshops in Piatas- American Museum of Natural History, American Indian Community House 2003, the Historical Society of Rockland, Yonkers River fest, Casa Puebla in NYC 2003-04,05, 13th Annual ethic Festival Union Settlement Association -NY 2003-0405, State University Rutgers of New Jersey, , the Hudson River Museum, Pelham Art Center NY, Taller Boricua Galley NY 2003, the Huston Valley Medical Center, Peekskill, NY 2004, Westchester art council, White Plains, NY, Queens Museum of Art 2005, William Elementary School -Mount Vernon, NY 2004-05,06, Folklore Performances- Untermyer Park 1998-present, the Little Red House 2003, Yonkers Public Library One Larkin 2003- present, Kensico Dam Valhalla 2005 Workshops in flower paper, and paper cuttings (papel picado)- the Historical Society of Rockland, the Hudson River Museum, Pelham Art Center NY,  the Country Children Center -Katonah, NY 2005 Cinco de Mayo, the Dana Center, Central Park NY 2004 Demonstrations & Displays- the Hudson River Museum, Pelham Art Center NY, Casa Puebla in NYC, the New Rochelle Public Library, Blue Door at Yonkers Public Library One Larkin 2003, the Westchester Arts Exchange 2006, Ocean County Library NJ 2007-2009 Mexican Theater Plays- Long Island Children's Museum 2004 a Mexican Wedding, and the Museum of the City of New York 2004 Posada y Pastorelas, Hudson Valley Health Center in Peekskill 2004-2005Posada y Pastorelas, Casa Puebla in NYC 2003-04,05, Posada y Pastorelas, Yonkers Public Library One Larkin Center 2006 Day of the Dead.

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