Ariadne C. Pilarinos

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Contact & Info

Website: http://n/a

Phone: 914-260-4839


Artist Statement

       I am a highly experienced, passionate fine artist, working for 25 years and specializing in the discipline of original acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. I continue to evolve and progress through the exploration and visualization of color relationships.

       As a participant in various juried shows, I have been fine-tuning my unique style of painting since the early 70’s. My acrylic paintings, ground me, in terms of emotional stability in dealing with day-to-day life experiences with work and family. I studied under the tutelage of Arun Bose at Lehman College where I was awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. I have developed my artistic abilities in different media, working at a stone lithographic and silkscreen atelier, with master printers, curating fine art editions. I also studied textile design at Fashion Institute of Technology, and went on to gain expertise in the use of color and pattern work by creating custom carpet designs for bespoke clients at Patterson, Flynn and Martin.

       Using a stretched canvas, acrylic polymer paint, a ruler, a compass and small sized brushes, I design a motif based on a tangent. A tangent in Geometry is the mathematics of shapes, which is created when a point on a straight line touches a point on a circle. It takes twelve of these tangents to create my motif. Repeating the motif reveals a geometric pattern of interlocking circles. The principals used in the color wheel are then applied to manipulate the final image into a series of various mesmerizing paintings.

       The optical journey reveals the color relationship, through the mixing of acrylic pigment with acrylic gel mediums, metallic and iridescent colors, is what gives the finished paintings, their distinct image. These images enables me to fashion a number of indefinite paintings.

Educational Background

B.F.A. Degree @ Lehman College (CUNY)

A.A.S   Degree in Textile Surface/Design @ F.I.T. (SUNY)


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