Ann Marie DeLuca

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Artist Statement

Ann Marie DeLuca is a photographer, expressive artist, business professional, educator and creative mentor with a deep passion for working with young women through elders.  Ann Marie helps women develop a deeper connection with themselves through art and movement. By listening to our bodies, practicing self-compassion and mindfulness we can learn to really relax from our hectic lives. From this place of relaxation, we explore creativity, photography, images and symbols which help to provide both insight and meaning. These techniques and practices help people and are considered contemplative and expressive arts for healing, transformation and overall wellness.

Educational Background

Expressive art, yoga & movement. My formal education includes Art Therapy and Counseling, Dancing Mindfulness, Creative yoga and movement and Yoga teacher training. My work helps people create and explore the benefits of art and movement as tools for healing and transformation. Yoga and the expressive arts can help individuals and organizations create empowered, healthy individuals which is important and essential elements of an evolving, healthy community and culture. More experience listed on website biography.