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Public Art Takes on New Meaning as Community Members Step In

by Mary Alice Franklin on November 11, 2019

Amanda Browder is the type of artist whose work you spot a mile away. Her signature geometric patterns of bright, community-sourced fabrics wrap buildings and structures all around the country – but no matter the location, the pieces are always unmistakably hers. However, according to the artist, these projects are not just hers. Browder encourages people to contribute to her landmark fabric sculptures, providing an entirely new level of accessibility in public art.

Dataism: Putting the Person Back in Data

by Kathleen Reckling on November 2, 2019

Data is sexy. In some way or another, we’ve all fallen under its spell. We watch the votes being counted on animated maps on Election Day, or log the number of calories consumed on a Wednesday. This is because data is a powerful tool. An infographic can tell a thousand stories – of individuals in need, diseases to be cured, products to launch, or dividends to sow. ArtsWestchester’s Dataism exhibition features the works of 13 contemporary artists who are captivated by the stories data can tell or, in some cases, forget to tell.