In the News: New England Fashion + Design Association

Tailored message: Fashion leader teaches aspiring designers to find their unique voice

Irina Simeonova’s eyes sparkle with the challenge as she sizes up her visitor. The latter’s black criss-cross wedge espadrilles have pop, but she has teamed them with a formless black sleeveless shell and ill-fitting magenta skirt. Simeonova turns to a rack of her creations for an ensemble that actually will say something about the wearer who has donned it.

“Try this,” she says, handing over a slim skirt and fitted jacket of embossed green material and cinnamon brown animal print. After a trip to a makeshift dressing room, said visitor emerges feeling way more confident, taller, more together and interesting. Simeonova’s design talents aside (the skirt’s dual pleated accents are sublime), she has just proven what she has been talking about for the past 45 minutes.

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