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Fashion Creative Hub in White Plains NY

What does eukaryotic cells, architecture and transcendentalism have in common? Three aspiring fashion designers.

For winter and summer camps, these students, and others, tapped diverse inspirations to create original works with unique looks at the New England Fashion+Design Association  FashionLab camp.

Lily Huaman’s elegant two-piece dress, with its green fringe, purple circles and sheer overlay, had plant cells to thank for design, while Katherine Psaltos channeled the architecture she had seen in New York City to create the sculptural forms for her dress. Alexandra Ede had given herself a bit of a challenge, as she attempted to manifest – with material – the tenets of a philosophical movement that developed in the early 1800s. All three took the challenges on with ease.

The camp also was where a 7-year-old learned to operate a sewing machine and other students learned how to bring fashion illustrations to life.

Such a diversity of expression is a hallmark of the 10-year-old academy, where students are encouraged to think and dream big on their way to discovering their talents. In addition to the camps, there are workshops, courses and afterschool classes held throughout the year.

Are you interested in taking your greatest inspiration and transforming it into something you wear? The next fashion camp takes place in the summer, but classes always are ongoing.

What inspires your fashion choices?

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