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Earth, Sky, and In-Between: Gathering the Threads

The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) is proud to present “Sky, Earth, and In-Between: Gathering the Threads,” a solo installation by fiber artist Leslie Pelino. Working with salvaged materials– loose thread, ribbon, beads, buttons, plastic tubing, metal, and flamboyant fabrics of silk, wool and chenille, Pelino creates a world steeped in memory and nostalgia. Each element has been handled and passed from person-to-person, generation-to-generation, interweaving memories, materials and space, down to the antique loom on which the artist shuttles and collapses time. Scraps evolve into visual stories, rich in imagination and tailored for individualization.

Pelino’s installation, in its spirit and complexity, as with the connections between elements that defy relationality, speaks to the spirit of the overarching exhibition Between I & Thou. Based on the thesis of 20th century philosopher Martin Buber, and drawing on Kabbalistic belief in the future restoration of a world united and at peace, Between I & Thou incorporates interchanging solo presentations that speak to this hope for the future.

Pelino’s installation is one of these individual installations, designed to instigate poetry, thought, dialogue and performance as she weaves together a new and perfect world where disparate elements are joined together to create something new.

Said HVCCA director and co-founder Livia Straus: “This is beauty with a twist of the grim, humorous while empathic, playful yet grounded, soulful while dour, frenetic yet narratively rich and awesomely silent.”

A reception will be held from 5 to 7 pm at HVCCA, with light refreshments. All are invited for this special opportunity to meet the artist and appreciate her work. Additionally, Steve Lewis will read his poetry.