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Services for Artists, Artist Exit Interview – Are you leaving NYC? – Street Level Initiative, Brooklyn, NY

Artist Exit Interview is a project by Street Level Initiative. We pose the same questions to artists who are leaving New York City (with more cities to come we hope) to investigate why they are leaving and what they will/won’t miss.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t want artists to go. We love this city and we imagine you do too. We developed this project to investigate the circumstances that cause artists to leave as we attempt keep this city an amazing location for artists of all kinds to thrive. We will publish your stories online and use them to inform new ways to bring artists back or help them stay.

The more people we talk to, the more we feel that New York City is hemorrhaging artists, especially emerging ones. We have some suspicions as to what the reasons may be for leaving, but we hope to draw attention to the difficult and complex issues that arise in attempts to create sustainable arts communities in urban areas.

Is it because of the cost? Quality of Life? Greener pastures (literally and figuratively)? We think so, and in many cases, we know so. But we also hope it’s more than that. We hope that the city we love is losing it’s grip as the ‘center’ of the art world because technology and globalization have allowed the art world to become decentralized.

For now, we’re just trying to make some sense of it and pay homage to the artists that are exiting NYC.

To take the interview, copy and paste this URL: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEo5ay1FaFdTRjVwS3VQd2tLVjZBcnc6MQ

Opportunity Contact: ArtsWestchester

Email: [email protected]

URL: http://www.artistexitinterview.com