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Manuel Sosa – “Discourse, Process and Presentation: An exploration of color and duration in time, in music composition.”

August 4-8

Considering that color and duration are the essential elements of music, we will look at composition as the direct result of a process of assembly, where pitches and rhythms are placed together in a space of time, so as to delineate an expressive array of relationships.

In this intensive five-day course we will explore in detail this compositional process of assembly, and the pre-compositional method—that other process that takes place before colors, or pitches are placed on durations, which embraces the design for the specific compositional process for each composition.

Through theoretical and practical inquiries, we will explore first-hand the powerful and far-reaching constructive possibilities of these complimentary processes.

Our dynamic approach to composing music throughout the week will include the following areas:

A Composition and Analysis Seminar, where notions such as compositional space, idea, transformation of the idea, sequence of events in a composition, and continuity, among other many, will be questioned from different perspectives; a Composition Practicum, where the ideas from the Seminar will be put into practice; and Private Lessons with the instructor.

Participants will also compose a work for String Trio, or for any combination thereof, prior to arrival at the Center, which will be rehearsed and reworked throughout the course, and presented at a final concert.







Deadline 6/23/2014
Contact Name Allison Edwards
Contact Email [email protected]
Website http://mayapplecenter.org/