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Evan Yionoulis – “The Actor as Theatre Maker”

  From July 28- August 1 This intensive course is designed to strengthen actors’ ability to create devised pieces, and expand their role in theatre-making, thereby bringing renewed creative energy to their future work with directors and playwrights in more traditionally-structured rehearsal processes. Actors will work collaboratively to devise short pieces. The focus for each group of actor-devisers will be on developing the most vibrant means of bringing the story they wish to tell to life through the human voice, body, and spirit. The week will culminate in presenting work to the Mayapple community. In the theatre, there is always a story to be told, be it concrete or abstract, and actors are most often its primary embodiment. They are also central to determining what that story is, even when working within givens supplied by a text or director. Inspiration will be derived from texts collected prior to the course and material generated in rehearsal.  Upon admission, participants will be given a series of prompts setting out the theme of this summer’s devised project. Potential prompts might be: – the word RICOCHET – the scientific concept “The Butterfly Effect” – passages from Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams which propose a series of alternative universes: e.g., where Time is circular or operates differently location to location or manifests itself visibly or divorces cause from effect. – or this limerick quoted by Stephen Hawking in A Brief History of Time: There was a young lady of Wight Who travelled much faster than light, She departed one day, In a relative way, And arrived on the previous night. Participants will receive instructions as to material they should gather in advance of their arrival and will be expected to come to the first session with several pieces of text committed to memory.  


Deadline 6/23/2014
Contact Name Allison Edwards
Contact Email Info@mayapplecenter.org
Website http://mayapplecenter.org/