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Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm, 2016

Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY! 

Saunders Farm is located on Old Albany Post Road, the historic earthen highway of the original route between New York City and Albany. The property begins with rolling pastures and culminates on a majestic ridge with 360-degree views of the Hudson Highlands. Black Angus cattle roam free. Sites for art range from intimate woody glens to open fields and dramatic vast expanses defined by stone walls. Artwork must be weather- and cattle-durable for 2 months.
Applications will be made through Entrythingy www.entrythingy.com
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We invite you to submit a proposal aiming for your best public work and following specific guidelines. We will present your work on our website and in our catalog.

For more inforamtion about Collaborative Concepts see:www.collaborativeconcepts.org

Required Farm Visit: Please call/email Herman Roggeman or Jodi Carlson (see below) to schedule 1st visit.
April 22: Proposal Due Date (Earth Day). All artists must submit a complete project proposal by this date.
April 30: Late submissions
May 16:  Response to Proposals. You will be contacted by email or committee member.
June 7:  Sites assigned with engineering or installation comments.
Aug. 13-Aug. 24:  Installation Period. Note: The week before the reception is for documentation, not installation.
Sept. 3, Sat:  Opening Reception, 2-6 pm (Rain date: Sun., Sept. 4 or Mon., Sept. 5).
Oct. 1, Sat:  Mid-Run Reception, 2-6 pm (Rain date: Sun. Oct. 2).
Oct. 29, Sat:  Last day Exhibition is open to the public, until dusk.
Oct. 30, Sun:  End-of-Exhibition; artists bonfire 4 pm, weather permitting. Bring food, drink, music to share.
Oct. 30-Nov. 15:  De-installation. All art must be removed on time (see below for return of site to original condition).

enter through Entrythingy
All proposals must be submitted digitally (Entrythingy.com).
For proposed new artwork: maquette photo or detailed sketch/rendering.
For existing piece: two views, preferably 8″x10″ at 300 dpi. jpg or png.
Plus two images of previous work (preferably outdoors) related to Saunders Farm.
Specifications including title, size, materials, durable construction methods.
Secure installation plan, to be reviewed and approved by Collaborative Concepts committee.
Site request with three preferred options, after visit to Saunders Farm. (May refer to map from previous year).
Short 50-word project statement describing proposed artwork.
Current resume.

Large-scale, site-specific, kinetic, and sustainable-materials artwork is encouraged. Yourart must be “cow friendly” as well as “cow resistant.” The cattle live here, so CC will accept nothing they could trip on (no holes), or harm themselves by (no sharp edges), or become trapped in (no cables). They are very curious and will examine, push, knock over art. Your art cannot be fragile. Protecting such art is impossible; think of the cows as massive SUVs. Your art must be impervious or inaccessible to them, such as well above their heads. There are no “safe” fields where the cattle do not range. Damaged art will be removed from the show at cost to the artist.

Weather must also be a consideration-rain and extremely high winds are common in the Hudson Highlands. Your art must be structurally sound and very well anchored. See website for examples and consult a committee member.

Because of the site conditions, CC can assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for your art. We have learned that cows and weather rule and, in fact, that has become a condition of the art that is most aesthetically enriching.

Any significant changes from the proposal must be approved by CC. Artworks not approved will be removed.

Installation assistance can be arranged through collaboration with other artists on site. Use of crane or ladders may be requested in proposal. However, installation and art upkeep is the sole responsibility of the artist.

There are no fees. All art must be funded independently. CC does not commission art or supply transportation.
The art is not insured by Collaborative Concepts. Any artist requiring insurance should secure personal coverage.
Collaborative Concepts accepts no responsibility for damage to the art by whatever cause.
Collaborative Concepts will issue publicity e-blasts, press releases, advertise locally, and post on FaceBook.
Artists are encouraged to publicize with text approved by the CC committee, with CC website included.
Collaborative Concepts will print a catalog for sale, one free per artist/team if information is provided on time.
Artwork photos and info, including title, media, size, and 2-paragraph statement, are required at installation.
Artists should provide a 2-sided page for Artists Notebook at receptions; no publicity may be posted at sites
A commission of 30% to Collaborative Concepts is expected on all sales from the exhibition. We encourage sales!
A limited number of stipends may be available to defray installation costs. Submit specific request with proposal. If a stipend is approved, payment will be made upon removal of artwork.

Only digital proposals accepted; format proposals as Word docs, with jpg photos and scanned drawings under 2 MB each at 300dpi. No pdfs and no google docs please.
Questions: [email protected]
Questions: Jo-Ann Brody: 914-528-4458 or [email protected]
SITE VISITS: Herman Roggeman: 607-765-8123; or Jodi Carlson: 845-216-1012



Deadline 4/30/2016
Contact Name jo-Ann Brody
Contact Email [email protected]
Website http://www.collaborativeconcepts.org