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Call for Entries: Wanted: Writing from Jazz Musicians

What?! Me?! Write?!

Yeah, you.

Wanted: Jazz musicians of all ages (professional or not) willing to take a risk with the written word for upcoming anthology. Stories, poems, memories, diatribes, essays, word-puzzles, relationships, philosophy, politics, teaching, jokes, word-play, wishes, dreams, and practical matters such as economics and logistics. Interested in the day to day nuts and bolts as well as the more ethereal dimensions involved in living a creative life in the modern world. Don’t say no just because you’re stronger with the non-verbal. I will help you. (Drawings and photographs by musicians also sought; please include your inspiration and process).

Open to anything transcendent.

Send to: Monique Avakian at 5over4, monava9@gmail.com. Put Jazz Musician Anthology in the subject line, please. OK to send loose ideas if you’d like some gentle suggestions for direction. PS — there’s no money involved.

Opportunity Contact: Monique Avakian

Email: monava9@gmail.com

URL: http://5over4.blogspot.com/


Deadline 01/07/2014
Contact Name Monique Avakian
Contact Email monava9@gmail.com
Website http://5over4.blogspot.com/