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Call for Artists | Prisma International Art Prize 2

The cultural association Il Varco is pleased to announce its 2nd PRISMA Art Prize, an exhibition entirely organized by artist for artists. A painting competition with $2,000+ in cash awards and many other prizes, which takes place seasonally and yearly in Rome, Italy. Bringing together the spirit of community and collaboration and the efforts of many young artists involved, it is meant to create a place for art and artist to and share their work in a friendly and competitive environment with no favoritism.

Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of the Rules and of the judgment of the Artistic Commission regarding the admission of the works  to the final stage and  regarding the selection of the winning works. The competition includes, after a pre-selection, the selection of an open number of finalists among which the winning work will be chosen. As part of the competition, an exhibition event will be held that will select some of the finalist artists of the 4 quarterly editions of the year; the assignment of the 1st prize in money and of the “Arteza Prize”, the assignment, at the end of the year, of the purchase prizes made available to our partners who will choose the work to be purchased from all the registered works that have expressed an interest in participating in the purchase prize according to their own preferences. The exhibition of finalist works will take place in Rome at Atelier Montez on a date to be established in 2020.

September 20, 2019, will be the last day to submit for the award. By the 31st September 2019 we will proclaim the winner of the quarterly award. By the 31st June 2020, the protagonists of the annual exhibition that will take place in the months to follow will be selected. By the 15st July 2020, purchase prizes will be awarded.

The registration fee, to partially cover organization costs, is set at Euro 25 with a maximum number of three works. Payment of the registration fee must be made in Euros, without bank fees or commissions charged to the Organization. The registration fee is not refundable. Payment of the registration fee can be made directly via the registration form on the website at the link: https://www.prismaartprize.com/submit

Stripe and PayPal will automatically convert any currency in Euro.

Complete guidelines and submission details are available here.


What is the Prisma International Art Prize?

We wanted to create a place for artists to grow and share their work to each other. A happening that could really be a chance to measure and compare their own work with other artists from all around the world. A prize that could become an exhibition which awards the best among them. All of the above became this new idea that we want to launch, to empower independent artists from all around the world in a friendly and competitive environment where favoritism does not exist. Prisma Art Prize is a seasonal competition which becomes an annual group exhibit in Rome. Every artist can apply.


Deadline 9/20/2019
Contact Name Marco Crispano
Contact Email [email protected]
Website https://www.prismaartprize.com/