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Pelham Art Center’s “Career in the Arts” Series: Artist Alice Mizrachi

Photo by Jazzmine Beaulieu

Pelham Art Center (PAC), with its Teen Arts Council, aims to give opportunities for high school students to be involved in the creation, curation and discussion of art. The “Careers in the Arts” series is open to the public and gives guests the opportunity to hear from esteemed artists. Each artist in the series takes a different approach to the discussion, with some choosing to focus on their personal career and others discussing their overall field. Following the talk is a Q&A and discussion with the artist. The next installment in the series features mixed-media artist, curator and educator Alice Mizrachi.

Says Mizrachi: “As an advocate for arts education, I’m passionate about breaking down barriers that discourage young people from pursuing a career in art by providing them with tangible resources and potential opportunities.”

Mizrachi has tackled a wide variety of art forms in her career: from murals to sculptures, she has been able to move into different spaces while reflecting in her work life experiences as a first-generation American woman of Middle Eastern decent.

PAC Executive Director Charlotte Mouquin worked with the Teen Arts Council to reach out to four professional artists, including Mizrachi, to bring this series of discussions to fruition. By speaking with high school students, the organization was able to tailor the presentations to the type of careers they’d be interested in.

Says Mouquin “The Teen Arts Council and I discussed some career interests of the high school students and then we reached out to four art professionals, [asking them] to come and speak at Pelham Art Center. Teens and parents are welcome to learn more, [as]the free discussions [are] open to the public.”

After Mizrachi, the series will continue with fashion designer Ashley Bogard.


After receiving his BA in Media Arts, Daniel Wood went back to SHU for his MA in Journalism and Media Production. He has played trumpet in various bands and was surrounded by artists and writers growing up, which led to his interest in writing about various creative topics.

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