Tackling a Tangled Web of Legal Issues for Artists

Andrea Sobolewski Julie Hopkins Jana Farmer A professional artist’s work doesn’t just end when their artwork is complete. There’s the business end of things, too. Then there are the many legal issues regarding their artwork. Over the past several years, ArtsWestchester has hosted professional development workshops regarding legal issues for artists, which are voluntarily organized ... Read More »

A Walk Among the Sculptures in Peekskill

A favorite socially-distanced activity for many people during the COVID-19 health crisis has been to simply go for a walk. When stuck inside all day, fresh air can revitalize the soul and refresh our moods.  In Peekskill, those who are out for a stroll can take in dozens of public artworks along their way. The ... Read More »

A Delicate Balancing Act

by Regina Farrell-Fagan, Exhibitions & Shop Manager at Clay Art Center (photo courtesy of Regina Farrell-Fagen) (photo courtesy of Regina Farrell-Fagen) Recently, I had the privilege of enjoying some of our Clay Art Center artists, who opened up and talked about their processes, their inspirations and their goals. Their art is more than just an item ... Read More »