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Executive Director’s Desk

Jean Newton

A message from Jean Newton, Executive Director at
Music Conservatory of Westchester:

These days, cutting-edge education is all about technology.  In the world of music education, technology can supplement the core process of learning an instrument, which requires that the teacher and student be physically present in the same room to get the best results.  A key objective of the Conservatory’s new strategic plan is to identify technology-based learning opportunities that align with our educational values.  One area where technology offers an advantage is music theory.

This year, the Conservatory has moved to an online curriculum for Theory 1, 2 and 3.  Students attending weekly classes at the Conservatory will receive a subscription to the online course, and will complete homework assignments online.  Missed classes may be made up online as well.  Students unable to attend the weekly classes may take the course exclusively online.  All Theory 1, 2 and 3 students will have access to extra help from a theory teacher who will post a schedule of office hours.  We’re very excited about this first step into online learning – and there will be more to come!