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‘Autumn Style’ Exhibit Showcases the Diverse Talent of Local Artists

Autumn Style, an exhibition by the Northern Westchester Watercolor Society (NWWS), is a collection of paintings by local artists that is currently on view at the Ossining Public Library.

Taking advantage of the medium’s fluid ability to create different moods in a variety of styles, featuring landscapes, cityscapes, florals, animals and portraits.

“Our artists are inspired by the world around us,” said Janet Lupinacci, President of the group. She continued: “Watercolor speaks truth in life and nature, beauty, and the moment.”

That sentiment is reflected in their works, as many focus on a “special moment.” Lupinacci’s watercolor “Fishing on a Summer Day” captures the light of a warm, sunny day, with two girls standing on a river bank, fishing rods in hand. Her otherpainting, “Lady in the Blue Hat,” is a portrait of a woman at leisure in her surroundings.

Inspirations seemed to vary among the artists. Jab Maxwell’s “Walking in the Rain” watercolor uses a wet-on-wet technique in purples, blues and magentas to portray the movement of rainfall. His painting “Hydrangeas” depicts a bouquet of the flowers in a similar color pallet. The popular flowers were also a subject for Vivian Beech, who’s “Basket of Hydrangeas” still life showcases the botanical beauty.

Three paintings by Abraham Eickman demonstrate his wide range of painting techniques. His “Aura” watercolor captures a full moon in a swirling blue sky. Another watercolor, “Beauty and Might” features a tiger resting on a tree branch. “Ah, Spring!” is a mixed media painting of a tulip beginning to bloom.

The Hudson River was a source of inspiration for Quincy Egginton, whose “Hudson RiverGlistens” and “Hudson River Tranquility” watercolors capture the fall splendor of the river.

For Mary Ann Healy, animals make the painting complete. Her “Where the River Flows” features a charming landscape with cows in the distance, while “Anybody Out There?” finds a rabbit peeking out from the grass.

Pauline Bruno’s “Storm Clouds” is a landscape watercolor that features dark skies and fall foliage, and “Into the Woods” depicts two children heading into the forest.

Other artists featured in the exhibit, which runs until September 30, include Margaret Timone, Evelyn Kipp, Diddy Gomanon, and Diana Dopman.

Founded 30 years ago, the NWWS is a group of 28 local artists who work in a variety of mediums, including watercolor paints, water-based oils, acrylics, watercolor pencils, casein, gouache and ink. The artists meet every Wednesday at 2:00 pm at the senior center at the Van Tassell House in Somers, New York.

“Our mission is to become better painters and to learn new techniques from artists who meet with us and demonstrate different approaches to painting,” said Lupinacci.

For more information about NWWS, contact: [email protected] For info about Autumn Style, click here.


Katherine Doherty is a writer, graphic designer and travel enthusiast from White Plains, NY. A former magazine editor, she currently manages corporate communications for a global logistics company. She holds a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology where she majored in fine arts.