Portrait of a Pandemic

ArtsWestchester will reopen its gallery for the first time since the pandemic, welcoming guests to a monumental exhibition that features 200+ artists and the works they created during the past year.

Covid Diary

One year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ArtsWestchester will reopen its gallery doors with Together apART : Creating During COVID, an intimate look at how the pandemic has changed the lives of its communities.¬†Specifically, it will examine the many ways in which people in Westchester have turned to creative outlets for comfort, expression … Read More »

National Poetry Month: Poetry Does Not Live in a Vacuum

By April, the frost has melted, there are buds on the trees and Bethany Arts Community (BAC) is abuzz with poetry. The organization offers a full array of poetry-related programming this month.¬† BAC’s Executive Director Abigail Lewis says: “We see poetry as a medium that helps to sustain us during these trying times. It can … Read More »