Artist Opportunities: May 2022 is Westchester County’s guide for all-things-art. On its “Artist Opportunities” page, artists in all disciplines can find nearby working opportunities that will help to strengthen and further their careers. Below is a sampling of some upcoming opportunities.  To get these opportunities sent directly to your mailbox, sign up here.    Call for Entries: Queer … Read More »

An Abundance of Spring Beauty for Photographers

by Jerry Spette, Membership Host at Color Camera Club of Westchester Spring is here, and beauty abounds.  What a great time of year to get the photographic juices flowing. The crocus and tulip sprouts are reaching up from the cold barren earth to warm themselves in the long-awaited 60-degree temperature.  Photo-interested people are itching to … Read More »

Yonkers Arts: “A Conduit for Local Artists”

The transformation of Yonkers into a haven for artists was validated in 2015 when 1.5 million square feet of the former Alexander Smith Carpet Mills, once one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the country, was designated by the city as the Carpet Mills Arts District. Among those celebrating this event alongside the city’s burgeoning … Read More »